Bringing Quality
to the blighted areas


Our Mission

To bring equal educational opportunities to the disadvantaged sections of the society by utilizing youth as a resource, thereby making them socially responsible and increasing access to education.We aim at a more wholesome society where no one is discriminated on the basis of caste, gender and financial background to avail the basic right, education.

Our Vision

A society with equal access to the basic humanitarian rights and educational opportunities irrespective of caste, creed, gender and financial background. We envision a community where not even a single person should feel the lack of basic human rights food, clothing, shelter and education.

Adhyayan 1

1st April,2017

Concluded on the given date with 5 admissions.

Adhyayan 2

31st May,2018

Concluded on the given date with 150 applications.

Adhyayan 3

30th April,2019

Concluded on the given date with 75 applications.

Adhyayan 4

15th March, 2020

Ongoing with 80 applications till date.

Adhyayan 5*

Year 2020-21

In the upcoming year, we aim to enrol 150 kids in various schools of Bhubaneswar.