Two years, two lives, too much to understand, too less time.

Sharman was a 17 year old, and the only son of an affluent family. What can he have less of? A good school, tuitions, Abacus classes, guitar lessons, parents made sure there should be no compromises in grooming him for the competitive world. Afterall, the son of two huge corporate entities is destined to be huge…Continue Reading “Two years, two lives, too much to understand, too less time.”

“It’d been raining for four days straight and the water level hadn’t lowered down even a bit. Our cave area was completely filled with water, and not only us, but also the entire area of Kaziranga was submerged under water due to two massive waves of the flood. Our community decided to shift Flood: which…Continue Reading “Flood:Happens only in Metros:An emotional plea by a tiger.”