Desire Foundation is a government registered trust which started working for the welfare of the society in Durgapur, West Bengal. Gradually, it spread its wings and started its youth cell in Bhubaneswar headed by a youth coordinator. 

We at Desire Foundation, value Dedication in work, Efficiency in the output, Sincerity in the endeavors, Inspiring professionals, Reliable team-players, and Energetic souls , who have come together to strive for a better tomorrow. 

We are a group of youngsters, who have taken a small step to work towards a better tomorrow. We work towards enhancing the education forum of our Country. We pledge to transform lives of people on the edges of society, supervise events and uplift the scholastic & cultural heritage of our Nation. 

We try to answer the unanswered questions and work in order to bridge the knowledge gap between the policy makers and the benefactors across the road. We believe that, if we pledge to whittle the window of revolution, there is no force that will prohibit us from the light of the day. 

We wish to take the Indian Education System to a new era, where Utopia is real. If you wish to add your intellect in our journey….Come Join us…. Let us Desire for a new and progressive era. We aim towards:- 

Conducting Social Development activities across the globe. 

Modulating training programmes for the unemployed youth and assisting them in various jobs/service or business activities. We also aim at making a safeguard policy for them and provide continuous support. 

Presenting and submitting various proposal/schemes to State Govt./Central Govt. Private or Public Sector on behalf of unemployed youth. 

Promoting and establishing self-help group for Self Employment to execute and conduct various arenas of event management. 

Initiating different programs to promote women empowerment in the Indian and Global context. 

Commencing infrastructural development in Rural and Urban Sectors for Economic and Social growth of society. 

Promoting National Integration, Communal Harmony, Universal Brotherhood and Global Peace, advocating Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom for all, sans the barriers of race, religion, caste, colour, gender and language. 

Undertaking the postulates of a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) and a Self Help Groups (SHG). 

Encouraging the bloom in event management seminars, discussion, etc. and participating in social project in and beyond the country. 

Creating various awareness program regarding safe child and child birth, old age , child labour and female feticide. 

Acquiring, establishing, and managing Educational Institutions of all levels, libraries, manage and support museums, reading rooms and to distribute books to poor and needy students. 

Assisting talented artisans across the subcontinent on their inventive products and to help them for their arty excellency.


Our Journey

Desire Foundation is a government-registered trust that laid its foundations on 20th February, 2014 in Durgapur, West Bengal. With the continuum of time, it has expanded its wings with a group of undergraduate students with a vision to make an impact on society who came together to form a youth cell in Bhubaneswar under the leadership of a youth co-ordinator. A combined feeling of compassion and dedication coupled with an immense sense of helpfulness drives this cohort of young generation to enlighten the lives of those which are void. We at Desire work with ethics at various social and ground-level platforms with a single thought in mind ‘To kindle desires as those heart-felt passionate desires will someday become their dreams’ and we with all our heart wish to see those dreams come true.

Holi and Rakshabandhan Celebration

To spread the colors of happiness and to strengthen the sacred bond of love, we visited the orphanage AshaKiran, Bhubaneswar where the girls tied rakhi to the members as a token of trust and we further gifted them with drawing books, color pens and chocolates to bring that glistening smile on their faces. On the auspicious occasion of holi, we played with colors and distributed sweets among the enthusiastic tiny tots of the slum.

The 68th anniversary of liberty to women

With the beginning of another new era of liberty, we infused with the compassion for dreams and dedication to hard work landed ina rural area resided by the daily wage earners.The main aim of this program was to lay emphasis on women empowerment and its importance in our society.A plethora of games like lighting candles, bucketing the ball, needle-thread, how fast can you finish a bottle of Cokeetc were played by women within the age group 18-40 years. It was enchanting to witness the ecstatic laugh of old women. Itended on a joyful note by distributing exciting prizes to the winners and food packets to one and all.

Rice Bucket Challenge

This was one of the unique national level initiatives with an aim to enhance the living condition of the people living at the edge of society that was undertaken by us. In this, we donated 61 kgs of rice to 61 families living in the slums of Bhubaneswar. To fulfill their hunger for hope and to be a blessing in disguise in their lives, we played our part in making their days better on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chathurti.

Treatzza-A treat for their smile

To gave the hard-working slum-dwellers a taste of our delicious lifestyle, we gave them a treat at Pizza Hut in collaboration with the authorities of Pizza Hut to support the cause of ‘World’s Hunger Day’.The main aim of this project was to give the kids an insight to the life we are blessed with and to make them feel like one of us. In our projects Khwaish-e-shiksha and liter of light we have received overwhelming support by people.

Liter of Light

On the occasion of Diwali, we took a step forward to expand the global open source movement ‘Liter Of Light’ in which a set of devices are used for lighting up homes of the people dwelling in the destitute area of the city in an eco-friendly and cost-effective manner. We thus gifted people the ultimate Diwali gift by lighting their homes, heart as well as their lives.


This was another brilliant initiative to light the lamp of hope and education in the lives of those who are bereft of it.We hosted the programat Unit 2 Boys High School, Bhubaneswar on the blissful occasion of Basant Panchami on 24th January, 2015. We distributed an array of gifts including books ,customized desire copies as well as various stationary items like pencil box, pens etc. among the little generation. With a vision to provide education to those deprived, we proudly provided them a beautiful opportunity for the same.

A P J Abdul Kalam

On the unfortunate demise of Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, we organized a program to pay homage to this great personality. We believed that he was the pioneer of hope, an epitome of success and the ultimate messiah of knowledge and dreams. He was our ideal and he will always be the same to us. With these thoughts in mind, people shared stories and their experiences of inspiration due to this great man. Chits were distributed amongst everyone where people could release the turmoil of loss rocking their hearts. We also observed a two minute silence for his peace Later, we invited everyone to join the candle march.

Independence Day-2015

The bustling excitement for the beginning of celebration for another year of independence was draped in the colors of the little generation. We went to a school to celebrate the day of freedom. We organized several competitions for the shining stars of the school and the stream of beauty and dedication was simply overflowing. At the end of the program, exciting prizes were given to the winners and chocolates were distributed to all.

Survey On RTE

To ignite the hearts of our little generation with a blazing desire for education, we yet again took a journey to explore the pityful conditions of the destitute areas of our city. We took the responsibility to spread awareness about the RTE i.e. the Right To Education act or the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education act amidst the slum people.It started with a survey at DamanaHaatBasti where the slum people especially the parents of the rising stars were enquired about their knowledge of RTE and their idea of education for their children. The children were also asked about their dreams, role models, subjects preferred and the general idea of education they have perceived. The response was overwhelming.To kindle their dreams, we also distributed about 150 copies among the slum children.


To behold the jovial innocence of their glistening smiles and to light a lamp of love and happiness in their pristine hearts, we celebrated the festival of lights with the slum children.It started with rangoli making where all the women and girls of the village were invited to make enchanting Rangolis. Children were also invited to decorate the slum with Ribbons and Diyas. The lamps were lit and sweets were distributed among the tiny tots.With a vision to witness the echo of their elated laughter and warming hearts, we made this project a huge success.