Desire foundation, originated from Durgapur, West Bengal, is a government registered trust which aims to empower disadvantaged sections of society. We are an organization committed to social upliftment through engaging youth and creating a business where the motive is not just profit but to bring the marginalised communities into mainstream.


Our Mission -

To bring equal educational opportunities to underprivileged sections of the society by utilizing the youth as a resource, thereby making them socially responsible and increase access to education.

Our Vision -

A society with equal access to the basic humanitarian rights and educational opportunities irrespective of caste, creed, gender and financial background.

Desire, to transform lives of people on the edges and do our bit for the society.



First thing which differentiates us is the use of youth in this venture and development of a cadre of talented youth committed towards society.  We are not only giving them a glimpse of real time problem but also rendering them with a platform where they can put their ideas into action. Our mission is to pioneer a holistic model where our young students studying in various colleges across the country can get a purpose greater than scoring marks, an opportunity to make world better through their efforts. We are not only creating change but also Changemakers.

Second, we take intensive care of children starting from their admissions to helping them cope up with the new environment. We create a personal level interaction with the families. We keep a tab on drop outs which is a crucial factor because many organisations send EWS children to schools but due to huge dropout rate the whole system gets nullified. Our volunteers visit the slum on a regular basis and teach the students what have been taught in the whole week. They prepare them for exams and monitor their performances and challenges.