Diwali in a Muslim Slum

This year on the festival of lights desire decided to spread the light of joy in the hearts of the people at the Muslim slum! Breaking the stereotype of diwali being a “Hindu” festival we celebrated the festival with the inhabitants in a fashion which is the essence of this auspicious occasion. Diwali is more than a holiday, It is a time of festivities, a time where happiness is shared. Diwali, like all the diyas and fairy lights, is bright and serene, contrasted by beautiful, oft vivid, and attention-grabbing fireworks.

Admist the riots, religious barriers and hatred desire successfully brought together all the people as a unit having fun. The decorations, rangolis, games and all the fanfare was a surreal experience for everyone involved the residents and the desire members. At the end of the day desire had accomplished what we wanted to , that is to show that 

The festive fervour is happiness for everybody, religious inclination unbound. Desire wishes you all a very happy diwali 🙂